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The Supreme Court dismissed this appeal concerning whether the Kansas Open Records Act (KORA), Kan. Stat. Ann. 45-215 et seq., requires a Kansas district court to make audio records of open court proceedings available for public inspection, holding that Appellant lacked standing.Appellant made a written request to listen to and copy digital audio recordings made during two public court hearings. Appellant was neither a party in the case nor counsel for any party. When Appellant was denied access to the recordings he sought declaratory and injunctive relief. The district court dismissed the claims, holding that the audio recordings were exempt from disclosure and that Appellant had no constitutional or common-law right to the recordings. The court of appeals reversed, holding (1) Appellant did not meet his burden to establish his standing; and (2) therefore, this Court and the court of appeals lacked jurisdiction over this appeal. View "Baker v. Hayden" on Justia Law