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Defendant Bryan Jones secretly recorded Brenda Papillon’s conversations with other people outside his presence. Papillon sued Jones under the Interception of Communications Act, Iowa Code chapter 808B, which prohibits “willfully intercept[ing]…a[n] oral communication” without permission of one of the parties. At a bench trial, Papillon offered the recordings and transcripts into evidence. Jones objected based on section 808B.7, but the district court allowed Papillon to use the recordings. The court subsequently found Jones liable under the Act and awarded actual damages, punitive damages, and attorney fees. The court of appeals reversed the award of punitive damages because the district court did not find Defendant was aware of the requirements of chapter 808B, and otherwise affirmed. The Supreme Court affirmed in part and vacated in part, holding (1) to recover punitive damages, the plaintiff must prove the defendant knew he was violating chapter 808B; but (2) the evidence in this case supported a finding that Defendant knew he was violating the statute. Remanded. View "Papillon v. Jones" on Justia Law