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This case arose out of statements made to a call-in radio show by Steve Murdock about his neighbor Candace Elliott. The show’s hosts were discussing a Bonneville County case that involved allegations of horse abuse and neglect. Elliott called in to comment. Several callers later, Murdock called in, questioning the veracity of Elliott’s statements, and making various claims about the horse meat market and (referring to Elliott) “Andi’s humane society.” Elliott filed suit, alleging that seven of Murdock’s statements defamed her individually and her foundation, For The Love Of Pets, Inc. The district court granted summary judgment in favor of Murdock. Elliott appealed, limiting her appeal to the statement, “Andi’s humane society puts .02% of the money they hit everybody up [sic] back into the care of animals,” which she alleged defames both her and her foundation. The Supreme Court found no reversible error in the trial court's judgment in favor of Murdock, and affirmed in all respects. View "Elliott v. Murdock" on Justia Law